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Volkswagen NUVe Specs Release date of Electric Vehicle Car from VW

Saturday, July 15th 2017. | News

Volkswagen NUVe Rivals BMW i3. The latest news on Volkswagen will be their endeavoring effort after their tech on the diesel engine. They are reported under serious development for the new Volkswagen NUVe. This car is not yet a production car, but this is a serious plan to release a few years from now. Here is the Volkswagen NUVe update on it. Volkswagen NUVe Specs Power and Specs Clearly, this Volkswagen NUVe car is going to be a fully electric car. However, until this announcement is spread, Volkswagen still hasn’t decided about the particular engine to fit under the hood. However, if we are looking at the architecture platform, it should be possible for the car to reach around 200-300 miles of range per charge. If this estimation can be met, this car is going to be one of those cars with the longest range. Most probably, the engine will be paired with auto transmission to enhance its acceleration rate as well with two-wheel and all-wheel driving configuration available as options. Volkswagen NUVe Exterior and Interior This new VW electric car is going to be built based on MEB architecture with modular chassis setting. With it, Volkswagen plans to make a beautiful five doors hatchback for more practical city ride with more than enough space inside. From the released concept photo, this car is going to wear muscular body kit with sporty styling makes the highlight. read also : Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Plus Package – detail Specifications Mercedes-Benz Electric SUV – All you need to Know Even though it is not yet confirmed, the interior is said to be similar to one in Passat model or BMW i3 . It means Volkswagen is preparing exclusive cabin trimming, making the electric car less weird and more stylish. Unfortunately, the refuse to spill more beans on more specified details on the car. Volkswagen NUVe Release Date This New EV is not going to be around as it is scheduled for release around 2019. However, the very first concept should be revealed during the Paris Motor Show event this year. This concept is not guaranteed as one for the production version, but it should give a little hint. Volkswagen NUVe Price is not yet set as the entire things are not fixed yet. However, Volkswagen plans to sell it not more than $40,000 for a unit.

Volkswagen NUVe Specs Release date of Electric Vehicle Car from VW

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