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Volkswagen Gol GT Concept

Monday, July 10th 2017. | News

New Volkswagen Gol GT Concept Aims to Rock Brazil Again. Nothing can beat Volkswagen Gol supremacy in South American market. Since its first launch in 1980, Gol has been very popular and 5 million units even sold in Brazil alone.

Volkswagen Gol GT Concept

This time, Volkswagen Brazil wants to take the spirit of Gol and combine it with sportier GT by developing new Volkswagen Gol GT concept. The concept is introduced in this year’s Sao Paolo Motor Show but there is still no news whether this concept has been approved for production or not.

So this Volkswagen Gol GT concept is based on Volkswagen GT. And, it actually bears an adamant resemblance to Polo GTI . The concept comes with Gray Volcano metallic body with Lava Red accents in some part of the exterior such as the sill, mirror caps and below the front grille connecting the headlights.

Volkswagen Brazil remains silent regarding the powertrain, but the twin exhaust pipe probably hints to something good. 1.0 TSI engine that delivers 125 PS and 200 Nm of torque maybe will be sufficient for a small sports hatch that is Gol GT. However, this is not 1980 anymore, and the competition in this class is pretty fierce in Brazil domestic market. So, Volkswagen Brazil need to step up their game and equip the production version with something more powerful, just enough to grab people’s attention without increasing the price tag too significantly. Volkswagen Gol enthusiast definitely will have high expectation about this. So, let’s just cross our finger and pray this concept will go into production sometime in the future. you might also like another new future car in 2017: 2017 Roush F-150 Nitemare Rocks with 600 HP V8 Engine

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