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V-LCRO Seats Technology is Announced by Lexus

Saturday, July 1st 2017. | News

V-LCRO Seats Technology is Announced by Lexus

Lexus V-LCRO Seats Technology — V-LCRO seats highlight the first day of April on auto market today. A surprise came from one of foremost Japanese automaker, Lexus. Against the trend happens to most auto brands recently that focuses on improving the engine and sporty look vehicle, this automaker announces their latest innovation on cabin seats. Lexus V-LCRO Seats Technology Specifications Specs and Details The name V-LCRO is the marketing name that is derived from a longer title, Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation. You may also hear name Velcro for this technology. This seat was designed to complete Lexus performance vehicles including GS F trim, and RC F trim. The seats alone are enriched with adhesive panels that can hold 15 pounds of power per meter square. This should be half of the power holding driver on the seat all the time without movement due to force power. The other half is delivered by the designer custom tailored suit to wear by driver. This suits should be connected and fitted with the seat for function and form purposes.

Basically, a driver should wear the offered suit before he can use the technology optimally. Based on the released demo video, a driver will use a suit, one you will wear for dinner and formal occasions, with black areas here and there, fitted to the adhesive panels on the seats. This should then fit will with the seats, and you will not move even when you make aggressive turn. On the released video, the driver can’t get off of his seat even with someone is pulling him out. The next question will be how we control it so we can get off of our seat. Read also: Volvo Digital Car Keys: No More Key to Unlock Your Car 2016 Lexus NX200t Specs Price Release date 2017 V-LCRO seat technology by Lexus V-LCRO Seats Technology Market Response This innovation must be derived from the need for stable sitting gesture while driver runs a speedy sports car. Lexus wants to provide technology that replaces the function of bolsters on sports seats. They also mention that the main idea of the technology is simplicity. This is the entire contrary of what we see. Wearing other suit that fit the seats while we want to wear other suit should be inconvenient, not to mention the ugly black spots on the back of the suit. More important than that, do we really need that seat anyway? These seats seem to be an answer to problem that doesn’t even exist right now. Honestly, this V-LCRO is an incredible innovation that will deliver specific function on specific driving mode. However, Lexus seems to fail the use of the innovation by delivering the technology on its sporty trims for rather conservative drivers. Why would people need such seat? Moreover, when will we need and under what circumstances we will need that V-LCRO seats anyway? Updated with Video – March 4, 2016: (V-LCRO by Lexus)

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