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Top 5 2016 SUVs Worth Waiting for

Saturday, June 3rd 2017. | News

In the list of the 5 best 2016 SUVs worth waiting for below, you will read about five top SUVs that you can buy in 2016 as well as reasons to buy them and reasons not to buy them. By knowing about the pros and cons of each of the listed SUVs, you should be able to pick your choice more easily. Top 5 SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2016 2016 Kia Sorento 2016 Kia Sorento For many, Kia Sorento is always considered an SUV with the right size and the right power. It accommodates passengers sufficiently without leaving unnecessary bulk and it is powerful enough to handle off-road terrains. However, if compared to Jeep Cherokee, which is its direct competitor, Kia Sorento fails to exhibit comparable power especially when running on rough surface. Besides, Kia Sorento’s small body means that its interior will be slightly less roomy than that of average crossover SUVs. 2016 Ford Edge 2016 Ford Edge Ford Edge is a powerful SUV with its EcoBoost V6 engine with 315 horsepower. Its interior is neatly designed to allow up to five passengers to sit comfortably inside. The interior, however, will feel a little bit cramped if it has to accommodate more than 5 passengers. And although it can handle off-road terrain well, some of its competitors, especially Jeep Cherokee , can show better off-road performance.

Top 5 2016 SUVs Worth Waiting for

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