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Top 3 (Ugliest CARS in the WORLD) 2016 2017

Friday, March 24th 2017. | News

Top 3 (Ugliest CARS in the WORLD) 2016 2017

Top 3 Ugliest cars in the world– There are a few cars that can be considered as ugly cars no matter how sweet the automaker tells market on the cars. During the launch, the following cars were mentioned as a real treat to buyers while it was not completely a nice thing to see. Here are cars considered the ugliest from many sources.

This car is going to be one of ugly old cars in the future. The specs are actually super nice. It uses quad turbocharged W16 8.0 liter engine that produces up to 1,479 hp with 1,180 lb-ft of torque performance. This is a performance no car can beat so far. However, it looks totally ugly. It tries to look sporty and a little futuristic, but it actually looks ugly with beady eyed headlights, weird curves on side body, and trying-too-much image. The price is $2.6 million, which is totally ridiculous. Seriously, many other super cars have better look for style. Citroen C3 Pluriel This car is like a joke, honestly. The specs are timid. With the four L4 cylinders, this car can produce around 75 hp with 87 lb-ft of torque performance. Even for teenagers, this car is almost like a toy car. The main design of the body is a coupe car that can be transferred to cabrio by folding the canvas sun roof. From the one of the ugly cars images , this car looks super ridiculous. No adult will like to drive it unless they think it is a toy. We can go fast with it even though it offer spacious cabin for four.

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