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The 2016 Toyota Supra Specs, Price and Release Date

Wednesday, November 30th 2016. | News

2016 Toyota Supra originally debuted in 2014 as a FT-1 concept car. So, we can expect this car to have a lot of similarity with Toyota FT1 specs and maybe with some cool modifications. Back in its debut day as a concept car, this car had wowed the crowds with its magnificent design. And now, that it is going to be mass-produced, the 2016 Supra becomes one of the most highly anticipated sport car. If you can’t wait to have this car too, let’s see what we can expect from this fabulous Toyota baby. 2016 Toyota Supra Specifications Engine Specifications It is rumored that the New Toyota Supra will have fuel efficient engine despite of its strong sport car image. It will be equipped with 2.6 L twin turbo V-6 engine that can generate 400 HP and 270 pound of torque. All these fast yet efficient engines will be made by Toyota. With this engine, Toyota Supra specs can easily be the best in its class. Interior and Exterior New Toyota Supra interior will definitely be more sophisticated and comfortable compared to the older Supra interior . The two-seat car will be covered fully by black leather with some accents of red or blue to pop out the color. It will be equipped by the best JBL sound system and also internet connection. Since it only has 2 seats, the passengers will have wider and more comfortable leg room. The most remarkable thing about this Toyota Supra new model is the sleek exterior design that will scream “Watch out, I’m fabulous” every time it runs in the street. The front bumper is specially made to resemble F-1 car. The sleek body is made from carbon and aluminum so that the car can have lighter weight hence faster speed. To alleviate the sport look, rumor has it that this car will be convertible and equipped with seventeen inches tire. To complete the look, All New Toyota Supra will have LED lights that aren’t only gorgeous, but also helps saving power.

The 2016 Toyota Supra Specs, Price and Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no news or rumor going around about the exact release date and price of this highly anticipated car. However we can take an approximation from the Toyota Supra 2015 price . The predecessor costs around $40.000 to $50.000. So, let’s expect $60.000 to $80.000 as the Toyota Supra MSRP. You can play Gran Turismo 6 in Play Station 3 which features the FT-1 if you are really eager to have a taste of this sophisticated sport car. You might also read another upcoming cars 2017: The List of 2016 Cars to Wait For

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