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Tesla Model Y Specifications, Engine, Release Date, Price Leaked

Saturday, February 25th 2017. | News

Tesla Plan an SUV and Mini Bus . Yes, Tesla seems to be moving forward with their business plan. They are reported to develop an SUV and mini bus trims to add to the lineup, Tesla Model Y, and Tesla Mini Bus. This has been officially confirmed by its CEO, Elon Musk, through his Twitter account. The complete details are not outlined yet, but the update is too entertaining to miss. Tesla Model Y Specifications Exterior and Interior The build of the new Tesla Model Y should be based on Model 3 Saloon. It is also mentioned that Model X will inspire the SUV. However, the new SUV will not bring the falcon door. Maybe, the exterior look will be altered a little for differentiation. In addition to it, the SUV is also expected to get the center-mounted touch screen display in the cabin. Meanwhile, the Minibus will be based on Model X’s chassis. Musk also confirms that the cabin space can be fun enough so it may be able to seat up to eight passengers inside comfortably. In addition to it, the minibus can also get the tablet-like touchscreen in portrait position. The new Minibus can be an alternative for public transport. Tesla Model Y SUV specs Powertrain Of course, for right now, it is still too early to talk about its powertrain. However, it is estimated that the Tesla Model Y SUV will be offered in all-wheel and rear-wheel drive configurations along with few options of the powertrain. Meanwhile, knowing the basic chassis for the car, the Minibus is likely to get the same electric engine along with four and two-wheel drive configurations. In addition to it, the new autonomous driving system can be added to enhance the driving experience. We should know more in this detail when the whole design is complete. Tesla Model Y Price and Release Date Right now, there is no official information on its pricing yet. However, it is rumored that the Tesla Model Y SUV will be labeled in slightly higher price than Model 3. It is logical since we are going to face a brand new SUV from Tesla. With development is reported to go very well, Tesla predicts that they can reveal the whole deals within next year. Let’s see if this deadline is friendly enough for them to achieve.

Tesla Model Y Specifications, Engine, Release Date, Price Leaked

In addition to it, there is a plan for other trims including mini cargo and the pick-up truck. We will need more information on these cars later. Stay tuned to get the first update on Tesla Model Y and Tesla Mini Bus.

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