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Tesla Model S Facelift Specs Release date Price

Thursday, June 29th 2017. | News

Tesla Model S Facelift — Tesla Model S was once popular car when it was launched in 2012. Then its popularity gradually disappears and the sedan car trend also has been subsided. But, now, Tesla is trying to make this car reborn by doing some modification and facelift. By changing its style, the result will be different Tesla Model S with new face. Tesla Model S Facelift Specifications The first change will be the new headlight. This sedan will get new LED headlight, which make it suitable with its concept as electric car. But, the funny thing about this change is there will be new grille area in the front side. As we all know, the electric car doesn’t have radiator and doesn’t need air intake to cooling this part, like conventional car. Therefore, the grille that they add on Tesla Model S is mostly for appearance change only. The changes aren’t only applied on its exterior. They also make some changes on the interior. For example, the front seat they change it with the similar seat model from Model X crossover. There are also ventilation options for more comfortable interior. Then, the inside part of the door also got slight changes. They add some compartment for keeping your stuff. The design is quite comfortable, if you compare it with the previous 2012 Tesla Model S . Read also: Tesla Model 3 Specs Release date Price 2017 Tesla Model S P100D: New Sedan Electric Baby Tesla Model S 75D Specs Price Release date [ new ] This new appearance is said to be the way to aim different market for this sedan car. We can say this car will aim higher than new Model 3. But, because of this statement from Tesla , we can say the price will be much more expensive than before. Tesla Model S Facelift Price Release date If we have to predict how much it will price, we can compare it with the new Model 3 sedan. The compact style that it has maybe applied on Model S, and if it happens, we can expect it will be priced around $70,000 . The Model 3 itself is priced around $35,000. With tax, you need to pay $20,000 more to get this car, so, it’s normal to expect the price for Model 3 sedan to have that much price.

Tesla Model S Facelift Specs Release date Price

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