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Saleen S7 LM 2017 Limited Edition Sports Cars

Sunday, January 22nd 2017. | News

Saleen S7 LM to Hit Market for Anniversary Celebration . Surprising news hit the market recently, stating that new Saleen S7 LM is going to be offered to buyers as a return variant of the L7 model. This car has been labeled, by the automaker of course, as “America’s only true supercar.” Specific details on its build haven’t been disclosed with the announcement, but the following points should blow your mind. Saleen S7 LM Specifications Features, Exterior, and Interior This Saleen S7 LM car is going to be a real celebration model. For the 20th anniversary of company seven years run for the racing championship, the S7 model existed in 2000-2009 is make a reappearance in the new name. There is no detail on its build, but we can assume many vital elements of the car should stay. From the rendering, this Saleen car looks pretty good with the long boot and shorter front end. It is finished in gray silver paintwork with black accent along the hood to the roof and rear. However, there is a possibility that it is not going to be the final look as it is rumored to be offered on bespoke styling for its wheel designs, interiors, and bespoke liveries. The general look may look a little unusual, but it has strong fans foundation anyway. Saleen S7 LM Powertrain, Engine According to the announcement, this Saleen S7 LM car is going to feature the same engine as in its predecessor. This car will be powered by twin-turbocharged 7.0 liter of V8 engine. In the S7 Twin Turbo model, this engine generates only 750 hp of power output. read also Porsche 960 Supercar Specs, Midengine, Price Release Date 2017, 2020 – 2026 Meanwhile, in this new model, this engine is expected to make 1,000 hp of power output. This performance figure doesn’t include any performance enhancements that are planned to be added. Saleen S7 LM Details Engine Twin-turbocharged 7.0-liter V8 Horsepower 1,000 horsepower Price $1 million Saleen S7 LM Price and Release Date At this point, there is no official pricing that has been announced so far. However, learning on the possible specs of the car, it is going to hit $1 million stickers. Especially, as they plan to build only seven units of the car. There is no information on the release date, but as it is an anniversary edition, it should be the year of the anniversary, right?.

Saleen S7 LM 2017 Limited Edition Sports Cars

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