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Pros and Cons on Body on Frame SUVs – 2017

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016. | News

Pros and Cons on Body on Frame SUVs . The body on frame SUVs are not something new. Instead, this is an old thing that has been replaced with unibody design in many car models. If you want to buy a new SUV or crossover, you need to understand the pros and cons of buying the body on frame ones. Pros – Body on Frame SUVs The body on frame SUV or crossovers use a design in which car frame and its’ body panels are two different entities. Several cars are still using this design. The examples should include Lexus GX, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition, Jeep Wrangler , GMC Yukon, and Chevrolet Tahoe. In this design, those boxy SUV s can offer you the best capabilities for hauling and off-roading. Being resistant to twisting force, these cars can handle the heavy load at the bed, or crawl over rocks and mountains. While being satisfying in its performance and power, cars like these should offer you cheap build and repair as well when you get into an accident. Truck based SUV , for example, shouldn’t take too much budget for repair. Cons – Body on Frame SUVs Even though body on frame cars have several satisfying benefits, it also has several weaknesses you need to be aware of. First, this design only ensures the addition of car’s weight. It makes these cars are heavier in general. It affects the fuel economy rate, in which it tends to be worse. You may spend more money on fuel while driving this kind of car. These body on frame vehicles also have a little disappointing handling. It affects on its’ cornering performance in which you can’t make playful maneuver when you need to. For the record, many automakers start to leave this design due to these disadvantages. Body on frame SUVs Tips – Body on Frame SUVs If you tend to add substantial load on the car, if you like to go off-road with it, you should prefer on unibody chassis instead. However, several automakers are making significant development on heavy duty SUV cars.

Pros and Cons on Body on Frame SUVs – 2017

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