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Possible Concept for Future 2017 Cadillac Elmiraj

Sunday, July 23rd 2017. | News

2017 Cadillac Elmiraj . Cadillac is always on top when it comes to producing luxurious coupe . It was proven by the success of the first ever Cadillac Elmiraj back in 2013. It is one of the best cars in the luxurious coupe class and even becomes an intense competition for BMW 6 and even Maserati’s Gran Turismo. Now, it seems like the manufacturer wants to show its claws once again because there are rumors that 2017 Cadillac Elmiraj is happening. Even the 2013 models have completely kept us in awe with its exquisite design and powerful engine. We definitely wonder what kind of improvement the 2017 car will have in store for us. Cadillac Elmiraj Specifications Exterior and Interior Design Cadillac Elmiraj Interior It seems like there will be no major update on the exterior and interior design of Cadillac Elmiraj . The 2013 model has received so many positive feedbacks, so it is possible that 2017 Cadillac Elmiraj will get the same design. Thus, we can conclude that the 22” aluminum wheel and 205” length will make a comeback in this brand new car. The best thing about the exterior design will be the clean body as well as its signature long front and wheelbase. This design will definitely showcase the poise of this luxurious coupe. For your information, the successor of this car is Cadillac Escala . For the interior, it is possible that we will get the old Titanium trim and the gorgeous camel brown leather. The users really love the Brazilian Wood veneer on the 2013 model. But, it seems like the manufacturer will come with something even more gorgeous. One thing for sure is this car will get more technology update in its 10” touchscreen and probably some new safety features. Engine Specifications of Cadillac Elmiraj 2017 It is safe to say that 2017 Cadillac Elmiraj will get the same engine with its 2013 predecessor. So, this new Cadillac baby will be powered by 4.5 L Twin turbo v8 engine that can generate 500 HP and 500-pound feet of torque. read also Cadillac Escala Concept Specs, Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date

Possible Concept for Future 2017 Cadillac Elmiraj

However, it is also possible that the company will give some better tweaks for this new model. Therefore, we can really expect some improvement in the HP, torque and indeed its speed.

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