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Next Generation Nissan R36 GT-R will Possibly be Hybrid

Saturday, July 22nd 2017. | News

Next Generation Nissan R36 GT-R — The rumor that Nissan is currently developing the next generation Nissan R36 GT-R has been around for a while, even when the next year model of this car has just been revealed recently. The excitement arises as it is claimed to be one of the best car worth waiting for. Here is the latest update on the car. Next- Generation Nissan GT-R R36 Specifications Powertrain and Engine Nissan didn’t say anything about the possible engines to use. However, the last version of the model competitor already uses massive turbocharged V8 engine under the hood. If we should estimate, the next generation Nissan R36 GT-R model will use something even better. A V8 engine can be used on better power output, or maybe a V10. However, Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer of Nissan, stated to the press, “Electrification is almost inevitable for any car.” He also added, “If the next generation of GT-R has some electrification, nobody would be surprised at that time.” The statement indicates that they are building even more electric setting on the new model, so it is probably going to be hybrid. Obviously, there is still the chance that future Nissan gtr will not be hybrid, but the statement is too obvious if we are not considering pure electric engine instead of a hybrid. expected to be 2020 Nissan GT-R R36 Features, Interior and Exterior In this stage, we won’t get any details about the exterior and interior of Next- Generation Nissan GT-R R36 2020 yet. However, Nakamura did say, “I think we can change to better proportions-the width, the height.” It means the next generation will have a slight modification on its dimension. However, it also means the entire design should remain the same. If nothing is too urgent, the platform will be the same as current trim too. In addition to it, we should also expect some revisions on the lights, windows, and curves. Small details like this will set the new model aside from the predecessors. Read also: 2017 Nissan Kicks Specs Features Release date Price 2017 Nissan GT-R: Refreshed R35 Model, not Next Generation One 2017 Nissan GT-R facelift Specs Price Release date As for the interior, there is no clue given so far, but we should learn from the previous models. They all wear premium trimming with the latest tech and features for its time. It means the new model can be treated the same way too. Nissan R36 Next- Gen Nissan GT-R R36 Release Date and Price It is just a small announcement without further detail. However, the Next Nissan gtr r36 concept car is possibly launched in 2020 with price remains unknown.

Next Generation Nissan R36 GT-R will Possibly be Hybrid

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