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New Plymouth Superbird Concept 2016

Monday, December 26th 2016. | News

New Plymouth Superbird — Let’s go back in time and remember the legendary car. If this car is to reproduce again, new Plymouth Superbird should be one hell of a car. We don’t need it to be the best performing car in today’s range, but it should deliver the same impression and feeling as it did before. Let’s play around with the specs on this car. New Plymouth Superbird Specifications In the spirit of bringing back the car as original as possible, let’s make the new Dodge Superbird uses the same engine, Hemi V8 engine that already generates around 500 hp of power output. The engine used to be paired with four-speed manual transmission. To today like, let’s match the motor with the six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic transmission for even better acceleration rate. In addition to the transmission, such engine should deliver the power through four-wheel drive configuration for powerful and sharp driving performance. Nothing more is needed to be added to this Plymouth Superbird concept under the hood. Plymouth superbird concept Exterior and Interior Many of the Dodge Superbird for sale still have the same exterior and interior look even though it needs a little restoration touch here and there. Let’s keep the original details too on the new concept. Let’s wear the same color, like the legendary orange color for example, with black roof, and huge rear end wing too. It is the signature look of the car, though. We can’t just leave them especially the wing. Read also New 2016 Plymouth Roadrunner: If Legend Comes Back The interior used to use black vinyl trimming. Maybe, it needs a little upgrade like black leather upholstery, the same dashboard with updated center console too, and sporty styling as well to separate it with most Plymouth Superbird car for sale . new plymouth Superbird Release Date and Price 2016 So far, this is the just estimation and speculate based on the history and latest model of Dodge Charger Superbird car. There is no official statement about the production from the automaker, though. Price remains undefined. However, this car had been the premium sports sedan, so if new Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird model should be labeled around the class.

New Plymouth Superbird Concept 2016

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