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Mazda RX-9 News, new Wankel Rotary Engine, Release Date, Price 2020

Sunday, August 6th 2017. | News

Mazda RX-9 Should Appear Next Year. Here we go again with the latest news on Mazda RX-9. After a long time of rumor on its possible appearance, after all, the Japanese automaker already officially confirms that the particular coupe will be on the list for the production vehicle. This news is followed by more updates on its specs. Here is the update. Mazda RX-9 Specifications Features, Exterior, and Interior Mazda RX-9 2020 This future Mazda vehicle should be a two-seater coupe with unique body kit in aggressive yet sporty style. There is no official information on its possible exterior finishes as it emerges in many different colors in teased images. This coupe should have the short boot and long nose while it rides on huge sporty black alloy wheels. As the car looks slim yet curvy with the sloppy roof, it should feature muscular front fascia and rear end. Engineers target 1,300 kg of weight for this coupe. The interior is estimated to be lined with leather, and the cabin will be equipped with brand’s latest convenient and safety technologies. We should be satisfied with these details at this point. Powertrain, Rotary Engine – Mazda RX-9 As long rumored, this coupe will be powered by 1,6 litre, Mazda new rotary engine from Wankel called SKYACTIV-R engine. The engine is reported to be equipped with sing turbocharger. Most possibly, the engine will feature HCCI compression ignition, as in diesel engine, to complete advanced fuel delivery tech in the rotary engine. It should solve the fuel efficiency issue in the rotary engine. In the alternative, recessed spark plugs can be helpful as well. This engine is expected to churn out 400 hp of power output at least. read also : Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition Specs, Review, Price, Release Date Mazda RX-9 2019 Specs, New Rotary Engine, Price, Release Date Top 4 2016 Cars Worth Waiting for 2016 2017 Mazda RX-8, Upcoming Mazda RX-8 2017 2020 Mazda RX-9 Will Go Hybrid mazda rx 9 pictures Mazda RX-9 Price and Release Date Mew Mazda RX 9 price hasn’t been specified so far. However, estimation has been around for a while, stating this car can set on around $79,641 pricing. We should wait for the official pricing confirmation though to be sure. The release date has been hinted to be in 2019 during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show event. Thus, availability in dealerships should be around 2020. However, it is also rumored that the version production prototype will make a debut in 2017 Tokyo Motor Show event. It is closer than it used to be now.

Mazda RX-9 News, new Wankel Rotary Engine, Release Date, Price 2020

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