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KTM X-Bow 2017, Specs, Release date in the US

Thursday, December 22nd 2016. | News

KTM X-Bow ultra-light sports car are Going to US Soon. The newest great news comes from the Austrian automaker. Their race car, the KTM X-Bow 2017, is going to enter the US very soon after being prevented from entering for technical reasons of not meeting the standards. There is not much to know about the future car, but few details have been revealed. KTM X-Bow Specifications Power and Specs Right now, in Europe, there are five trims of the KTM X-Bow to offer. Even though there is no certainty if those trims will get to the US too, they share the same engine with different performance. The engine is 2.0 liter four cylinder of TSFI petrol engine derived from Audi. This engine is paired with six-speed manual transmission. In X-Bow R, this engine generates 295 hp of power output, and 355 hp on X-BOW RR racer. Meanwhile, the same engine makes 295 hp in KTM X-Bow GT trim with a windshield and 355 hp in KTM X-Bow GT4. This engine makes the best power output in Black Edition with 316 hp of power output. This is not the exact specs to bring to the US but it should be close to the numbers. KTM X-Bow 2017 Exterior and Interior From the outside, this is practically a two-seat race car with huge size wheels to ride. The super low ride height should enhance the handling, but this car does have weird side mirrors design that looks more like a bug’s antenna. The cabin is totally an open one with sports seat to help driver for safety and comfort. One trim, the KTM GT, is completed with the windshield, but none of the trim is completed with the roof. Aside from the sports seats which should be logical for a race car, nothing is known about the interior specs yet. However, this car is available next year so that we can expect more updates in the coming months. KTM X-Bow Release Date and Price There is no update on the specific release date of the race car, but it is supposed to arrive in US market by next year. Price is not known yet with uncertainty on the trims and the specs to deliver. Let’s wait for further updates on this.

KTM X-Bow 2017, Specs, Release date in the US

With the plan is coming closer and for sale in USA, we should receive more details on the car in the upcoming months. The entire trims offered are excellent, and we should get more information on each of the performance. Racetrack next year will feature those trims. Stay tuned for more updates on the 2017 KTM X-Bow.

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