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Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang Price, Specs, Release Date

Friday, February 10th 2017. | News

Hennessey Celebrates Anniversary with HPE800 Ford Mustang GT. Hennessey, the reputable tuning company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing the new HPE800 Ford Mustang GT that has been revealed recently. This muscle car is reported to be aggressive, and it performs incredibly, beating rivals seriously. This is the complete update on the reveal. Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang Specifications Under the hood, this Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang muscle car gets power from its supercharged 5.0 liter of the V8 engine that generates around 804 bhp of power output with 878 Nm of torque performance. From this fact alone, the engine is performing s great, leaving many of serious rivals behind. This engine can take the car to 60 mph within 3.1 seconds with 207 mph of top speed quote. Besides the powerful engine, few features are new and improved. It includes custom intake ducting, fuel pump, and heavy duty injectors along with the rigorous dyno. Hennessey is so serious in building this car, resulting in one of most powerful cars today. Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang Interior, Exterior, Features This brand new Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang is built on the existing Ford Mustang trim with modification is given for the performance output. However, to make it different to the particular trim, this new muscle car is equipped with limited edition serial number plaque in the cabin, Hennessey 25th Anniversary certificate of authenticity, Supercharged badges, and embroidered headrests. read also : 2018 Ford Fiesta ST | Specs Release date Price 2018 Ford Fiesta ST Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V HPE750 Specs Performance Release date HPE800 Mustang This Hennessey HPE800 car is going to ride Hennessey H10 Light Weight 20 inches wheels that are covered with Michelin Super Sport rubber. Photos show the car in Black finish, and there is no official update if other colors are also available. So far, the whole concept and design are perfect without any need for revision on it. Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang Release Date and Price There is no official statement about the availability timeline for the new Mustang Hennessey HPE800 car, but it looks like you already can order it directly from Hennessey. For additional information, they only make 25 units of it, matching the anniversary number/age, so if you fancy it, you better make a call quickly. Hennessey HPE800 Price is not announced yet, but estimation goes to $100,000 or £68,000 or more. This is not a very surprising price though with such specs.

Hennessey HPE800 Ford Mustang Price, Specs, Release Date

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