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Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Review, Tech Specs, Price

Tuesday, January 17th 2017. | News

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Review, Tech Specs, Price

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Will Come with Turbocharged V8 Engine. It seems like yesterday Ferrari launched 2017 GTC4Lusso with the super powerful V12 engine. But now, Ferrari is going to start a new spin-off from that V12 car called Ferrari GTC4Lusso T. According to the manufacturer; this car is going to be a day to day car that goes well with urban spirit and activities. There definitely will be some differences in performance due to the change of engine from V12 to V8. So, let’s find out whether those differences will be good or not. Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Specifications Interior and Exterior Design Since this Ferrari GTC4Lusso T car will come with the same body with the previous GTC4Lusso, it means that this car is going to be a 4-seat model and it will get the same 10.25 screen on the dashboard. The main difference will be in the weight. This model is 1740 kg lighter than its predecessor because it ditches the AWD gearbox. Later, we will see that the weight decrease plays a significant role in this cars fuel economy.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is going to ditch the 6.3 L V-12 engine that is used in the previous model. Instead, this car will be equipped with 3.9 L turbocharged V8 engine that can generate 602 HP and 560-pound feet of torque . The peak HP can be reached at 7500 RPM while the torque is at 3000 – 5250 RPM. This engine can make the car run from zero to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds . Meanwhile, the top speed is expected around 200 mph . Moreover, this car is also going to ditch the All Wheel Drive gearbox and replace it with rear wheel drive that is far more suitable for the large hatchback that is this car. Engine 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 Horsepower 602 HP Torque 560 pound-feet of torque 0-62 MPH 3.5 seconds Top Speed 200 mph From that specification, we can clearly see that GTC4Lusso T has less horsepower and speed compared to its predecessor. So, does it mean that this car is going to be a disappointment? Of course not. Even though it is not as fast as GTC4Lusso, this model has better fuel economy.

This car burns fewer fuel thanks to the V-8 engine and the weight that has been decreased significantly. This feature definitely will attract more buyers in this economy.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T will be launched at this year’s Paris Motor Show on September 29th, 2016. The official pricing has yet to be announced. However, looking at the specifications, especially the V-8 engine, it is safe to say that this car is not going to be cheaper than its predecessor that costs £230,430. Release Date September 2016 Price $260,000 you might also like another new future car in 2017: BMW i5 Electric SUV Most tags: 2018 gmc terrain FERRARI 2017 2017 Ferrari ferarri 2017 new ferrari 2016 new ferrari 2017 models upcomming ferrari cars New car ferrari 2017 modal gtc4lusso t price gtc4lusso brabus The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Previews Powertrain Features Style Reliability Summary

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