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Ferrari Enzo Top Speed, 0-60, Stats Specs Price for Sale

Tuesday, June 20th 2017. | News

Ferrari Enzo : Categorized as Best and Ugliest — Ferrari Enzo has a special benchmark on driver’s mind. It was originally the F60 model, but the manufacturer decided to name it differently. This car also makes one of the most fundamental cars for the next models of the brands. Here are some details on the Enzo Ferrari car. Ferrari Enzo Specifications The 2016 Ferrari Enzo engine is remarkable even though the power output can be better in today’s touch. This supercar is empowered by V12 6.0 liter engine that generates around 651 hp of power output with 485 lb-ft of torque performance. This engine is paired with the semi-automatic transmission. Acceleration to 62 mph is around 3.14 seconds with Ferrari Enzo top speed ranges around 221 mph. During the time, this performance is impressive, placing this car to one of the cars in Top Sports Cars of the 2000s. In recent days, this engine can perform even better, putting a whole new standard for the sports car. Exterior and Interior This Ferrari Enzo sports car uses 104 inches of wheelbase as one of the bases. The dimension is nice enough, 185.1 inches long, 80.1 inches wide, 45.2 inches tall with 2,767 lb of curb weight. The front lid is in V shape with front fascia on F1 inspired design. V-shaped hood and additional vents are added too. The wheels are enriched with LED lights. The look was entirely different to its predecessor, but it took the car to Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years on Bloomberg Businessweek list. Most of the interior surface is made of carbon fiber, and the seats are covered with nice leather material. read also Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Specifications, Top speed, Release date

Ferrari Enzo Top Speed, 0-60, Stats Specs Price for Sale

The cockpit was built with racing in mind, but it features more modern touch and style than the predecessors. There are six buttons in the cabin, to improve driving styling during ride too. It was built nice and super cool. Ferrari Enzo Cost Many of us may try to recall, how much is a Ferrari Enzo . From Ferrari, this sports car was made public with $659,330 of tag price, which is still super high on today’s like. It was the most expensive Ferrari cars during the time too. However, we can only find the only auction Ferrari Enzo price, which is around $1 million now .

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