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Electric Cars Pros and cons | pros and Cons of Electric Cars you have to know

Sunday, June 11th 2017. | News

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars — Upsides and Downsides of Electric Cars. First introduced in the 1880s, electric cars have made their way up to today’s time. These highway capable automobiles are propelled by an electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery or other energy-storing devices. Because of their Energy-saving and environment-friendly characteristics, electric cars continue to gain global popularity and are mainly available in the United States, Western European countries, China, and Japan. Electric Cars PROS and CONS Some of the things to consider when purchasing an electric car are its upsides and downsides. These things do provide not only valuable information but also provide insights of the things to enjoy and the things to suffer when owning an electric car. Benefits of Electric Cars Low Maintenance Electric cars do not require the need to be driven to a gasoline station for a refill because their engines are powered solely by rechargeable batteries. Replacing defective electric car batteries may cost a lot, but healthy ones can last for up to 10 years or more. Environment Friendly Unlike other gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars do not produce tailpipe pollutants. It makes the air less polluted and safer to breathe. Sleek Performance One of the things that differentiate electric cars from standard gasoline-powered cars is the smooth driving experience. This is one of the cons of electric cars. Partnered with its smooth driving experience is the provision of a stronger acceleration. Driving electric cars may be an elating experience because its motors do not produce any loud sounds as well as create engine vibrations. Saves Energy Compared to standard gasoline-powered vehicles that convert only 17%-21% of stored energy from gasoline, electric cars convert about 59%-62% of stored power. When there are upsides, there always come the downsides or negatives of electric cars. Below is a list that enumerates the flaws of electric cars. Cons of Electric Cars Limited Driving Range Most electric cars on the market today offer a driving range of 80 to 100 miles, but other models can cover a distance of 200 up to 300 miles. This limited driving range makes electric cars not suitable for long hours of travels and out of the town trips. Long Recharge Time Yes, electric cars do not need to be driven to a gasoline station to refuel but fully recharging them at home can take 4 to 8 hours. However, in some countries, there are recharge posts stationed in public places that offer the convenience of adding up a few miles of driving range to electric cars while the owners are working or off to do some business. But again, these public recharge posts are only available in some countries. High Cost and Limited Choices Electric cars cost more thousands of dollars compared to standard gasoline-powered vehicles. Their prices range from $30,000 to $150,000 depending on the model. In some countries, their prices can be cut off by up to 20% with the help of incentives and tax benefits. read also 5 Most Affordable Electric Cars of 2017

Electric Cars Pros and cons | pros and Cons of Electric Cars you have to know

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