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Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review

Monday, June 12th 2017. | News

Dodge Challenger Shakedown — At the SEMA 2016 show running from November 1st to 4th, the Mopar brand is debuting six fabulous creations among which is the Dodge Challenger Shakedown. The 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in Las Vegas convention center is showcasing from today how they can help car owners actualize personal versions of their rides. The old school 1971 Dodge Challenger has been given a modern twist that has professionally merged classics with new technology to bring back the nostalgia and love for the old car in the modern Dodge Challenger Shakedown. Dodge’s Shakedown Challenger Dodge Challenger Shakedown Specifications Its design begins with the body of a 1971 Challenger on a custom-made, hand-built, one-off frame. It is not just a modern Challenger with some old parts, no. The body has a shaved streamlined appeal after the fuel door, drip rails and door handles have been removed to give a sleek modern look. And when it comes to the finish, wow! The Bitching Black paint gives its body a flat black color. Also, it’s finished with black gloss and red stripes from the hood all the way to the trunk. To complete this magnificent look, a red 392 Hemi logo, and Shakedown graphics are artistically placed to complete the exterior of this magnificent machine. Engine This machine seamlessly merges old school muscles with modern auto technology in a way that will leave you awed. Imagine a Hemi V-8 engine put together with a Tremec 6-speed manual gear, a modern 485 hp, and a 6.4-liter driving force, what more can a man ask for apart from the keys? To feed fresh air to the V-8 powerhouse within, a carefully selected 1971 Shaker hood scoop is used with new Shaker hood kit. The modern features just don’t end yet; the Dodge Challenger Shakedown is equipped with black SRT Hellcat wheels, 19 by 9.5 inches and 20 by 9.5 inches on the front and rear respectively. Its magnificence is enhanced too by the modern 2017 Challenger grille, headlights, and taillights featuring red trimmed lenses. Features — Dodge Shakedown Challenger Before you get into the car, you wouldn’t believe just how much effort has been placed into making this dream a reality. It features a Hellcat shift knob, Mopar gauges, Dodge Viper steering wheels and black trimmed Katzkin leather seats with red stitching. The instrument panel gauges are black to contrast the glossy carbon-fiber cluster stream of the instrument panel. Dodge Shakedown Challenger And to make a statement, the black Shakedown badge with red outlines is stamped onto the dashboard. This fantastic concept car is a careful weave of design cues from the 70s and today to bring out a breathtaking machine in performance, exterior and interior. There has never been a more appealing merger of designs spanning two centuries. read also Dodge Challenger GT AWD All-Wheel Drive 2017

Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review

The concept car is so smooth to ride around corners just as it is to manage on a straight road. Its suspension is lowered closer to the road for better stability and to handle the drift type motorsports competitions. The Dodge Challenger Shakedown brakes are made from the beautiful red Brembo SRT Hellcat disc brakes, four rear brake pistons, and six front brake pistons. I now you can already feel the power and excellent control this vehicle has to offer.

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