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DeLorean DMC-12 2017 Specs Update Top Speed Release date Price

Sunday, March 12th 2017. | News

New DeLorean DMC 12 Backs in the Game with Updated Specs. After decades of absence in the auto market, the new DeLorean DMC 12 will make an entry to today’s car market competition with what is planned to be new specs, changes, redesign, and features. This plan is huge news, and everyone is wondering how it will turn out. Here is the latest 2017 DeLorean DMC-12 update on the story. 2017 DeLorean DMC-12 Specs Engine, Top Speed, MPG The new DeLorean DMC-12 2017 last model used V6 2.8 liter engine. That generates around 130 hp of power output with 162 lb-ft of torque performance. Even during the day, this performance was considered very shy and not very competitive. The new generation model is expected to churn at least double of the previous performance. It means the new engine should be able to generate at least 260 hp of power output with at least 262 lb-ft of torque performance. The DMC Delorean manufacturer is reported connected with two US supplier and one foreign supplier to get the right engine. It is also mentioned that the frontrunner is expected to be able to generate around 300 to 400 hp of power output. Let’s see what they come up with in the end. DeLorean DMC-12 2017 Exterior and Interior The exterior look of new DeLorean DMC12 should resemble the last model so it should give you the same look you will want to have. However, most of the elements will be rebuilt to meet today’s demand for the sports car. The original chassis was made of mild steel, covered with epoxy. The new one will use NOS chassis with electro and powder coating to prevent corrosion as well as improving the look. The new wheels will likely be 17 or 18 inches ones, allowing more space for the new and updated brake system. The entire electrical system, as well as the front fender, will be replaced with the new and up-to-date one. In sum, the casing can stay approximately the same, but the full features and details will be replaced with the new one. Dashboard Pict of DeLorean DMC 12 DeLorean DMC-12 2017 Release Date Until today, the manufacturer hasn’t specified the release date of this car. But, it should be sooner considering they will have a mule test in July this year. 2017 DeLorean DMC 12 Price is not known yet until the specs have been decided. #Updated: October 19, 2016: Preorder and Pricing. Price of this DMC-12 is around $85,000 – $100,000. How to Pre-order and Buy 2017 DeLorean DMC-12? Visit this Delorean Pre-order application to purchase this new car: http://www.delorean.com/pre-order-form.php

DeLorean DMC-12 2017 Specs Update Top Speed Release date Price

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