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Chery FV2030 Concept Specs Review Price Release date

Monday, March 27th 2017. | News

Chery FV2030 — Chery FV2030 launching hasn’t been announced and we can say it’s still far in the future, because this car still in the concept or maybe the start of prototype making. By looking at its appearance, we can say that this car has taste of sporty car. If you see it closer, you also can find there are some design concept that you can find on Nissan Grip Z and Toyota C-HR . Chery FV2030 Concept Specifications The unique design concept of this Chery FV2030 concept car is the sleek body, where it runs through from front side to rear side. The body also has lot accent that make it looks muscular. This is the unique thing about this car, because as it said before, this car is supposed to be sport car, which usually has very smooth design. It’s not only that. This car also use high suspension and big size wheels. These two characteristics mostly can be found on off-road type car. So, it’s unique when you find it on sport car. For the front side, this Chery FV2030 car will be used unique grill that looks like waterfall. And, like most of futuristic car design, this car also uses thin size light. However, if mostly futuristic concept car place this kind of light on the rear side, this car has it on the front side. Chery logo is place on the center right above the grill. Still on the front side, there are two afterburners that are located on the bottom part. This part is painted red which make it looks cool. On the side, Chery use squared-off fenders. This part use black guard and this is the part that makes it looks muscular. On top part, there is panoramic view that is planted on the roof. This panoramic view is placed so it becomes part of the front windows. So, we can say that the whole roof is the panoramic view. New Update with new photos: 2016 Chery FV2030 Review and Features of coolest Car

Chery FV2030 Concept Specs Review Price Release date

The rear side use thin headlight like the front side. This part itself makes it looks more futuristic. However, we can’t find more or decide what it will be looked like or how Chery FV2030 feature will work. Pricing and launching date have not unveiled yet. Stay tuned.

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