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May 31st Jupiter Guru Transit Predictions For Each Star

Predictions vimshottari dasha « janma kundali, free, Prediction about any event in an astrology chart is done by looking at either transits of planets (gochara) or by referring to a dasha period.. 242 dates world!!! date setters!, Library of date setters of the end of the world!!! over 200 predictions and counting! yes the end is coming, but all human predictions are wrong!. Eclipses april 2014 – foretell india, Long stay of mars in libra and its consequences in year 2014. gold, share market and real estate will also be influenced adversely . see the planetary positions after.

Sade sati for vrushchika / vrishchika rashi (scorpio)in, I am starting this blog, as we (vrishchika rashi or scorpio) folks are moving into the 7.5 yr sade sati zone, when saturn moves into libra (thula) on the 15th nov 2011.. Effect of ketu transit in aquarius from 31st jan 2016 on, More on shrivinayaka astrology november 2015 prediction for each moon sign this month may not give positive results throughout the month for those who are born with. Non-random-thoughts: moola, aslesha, jyeshta & vishaka, Jayasree said mars dosha operates for both boys and girls.it is not exclusive to girls alone. in 90 percent of cases of mars dosha, automatic remedy.