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5w30 10w30 | autos post, 5w30 10w30 | autos weblog vs pennzoil autos weblog canada 5w30 vs chevron supreme 5w30 vs. to withstand high operation temperature without evaporation.. 5w30 . 10w30 - ttora forum, 5w30 vs. 10w30. i'm debating which weight to put into the truck for the winter. html code is off. trackbacks are on. pingbacks are on. refbacks are on. forum rules. What difference 5w-30 10w-30, What is the difference between 5w-30 and 10w-30. oil is the lifeblood of every motor. without it, your ride is nothing more than a paperweight on wheels..

What is the difference between 10w30 and 5w30 oil, The difference between 10w-30 and 5w-30 oil is the thickness of the oil during cold weather conditions, 5w-30 being the thinner of the two and therefore recommended. 10w30 vs 5w30 - does it matter? | hyundai forums, After putting 5w30 mobil1 in my 2003 elantra (19k miles) i noticed the manual recommends 10w30. is there any reason that 5w30 would be a problem?. Which oil do i use? 0w30? 5w30? 10w30?, Confused about which oil you should be using in your car? 5w30? 0w30? 10w30? read this to clear up confusion..

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    Motor oil: 10w30 vs. 5w30. when it comes to engine oils, you have a variety from which to choose. which one of these varieties you choose to use is dependent on.
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    Anything wrong with using 10w30 vs factory recommended, [archive] anything wrong with using 10w30 vs factory recommended 5w20 in central texas? maintenance and service..