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5w-20 5w-30 - honda pilot - honda pilot forums, As the oil requirements for our pilots are specified in the manual. (5w-20) is does not say use 5w-20 if driven in colder climates, not does it give. 5w30 oil ford 500 - cars forum - gardenweb, Just traded my '95 taurus with 235,000 mi. for an '05 ford 500. owner's manual only calls for 5w20 oil. no temperature charts like they used to have.. 5w20 engine oil honda' standard. , 5w20 is better for cold starts, but doesn't 5w30 beat it in nearly every other area? i just think it's odd that honda themselves developed cars around 5w30, but are.

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castrol slx professional longtec a5 5w30
Castrol slx professional longtec a5 5w30

What happens if you put in 5w-30 oil instead of 5w-20? | ehow, An oil rating, such as 5w-20 and 5w-30, indicates the viscosity of the motor oil. the viscosity rating is determined by the resistance to flow the oil exhibits under. What's the straight dope on 5w-20 vs. 5w-30 (or other, What's the straight dope on 5w-20 vs. 5w-30 (or other viscosity) motor oil? general questions. 0w20 synthetic vs. 5w20 synthetic motor oil, what's better, Alright motorheads, what's the difference between these two blends of synthetic oil? my car recommends 5w20 dino, but i go with synthetic (don't want.