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BMW X7 M Release Date in 2018 / 2019 / 2020 ?

Monday, May 22nd 2017. | News

BMW X7 M Will Be Produced as BMW ’s Most Luxurious Car. BMW strikes again with its latest surprising news. X7 has not even sent into production, but this Bavarian car manufacturer has announced that the higher end version of X7 will possibly be produced as well under the M badge. BMW X7 M will be built on BMW’s largest RWD platform. And, it will be the brand’s most luxurious car, even more, luxurious than S7. BMW X7 M Specifications Powertrain, Changes, Engine spec BMW X7 M will be powered by 4.4 L V8 Twin Turbo from the upcoming F90 M5 car. This engine has been upgraded and now it is capable of delivering maximum power at wider RPM. However, even with this upgrade, the power this engine pumps out will not exceed 600 HP. Furthermore, even if this car is going to be built on RWD platform, the buyers will also have the option to choose 4WD platform. There is a possibility that this X7 M car will be equipped with a V12 engine which is necessary for such a high-end car. However, it might not be feasible since BMW is currently downsizing its engine to comply with the newest regulations regarding emissions. Interior, Exterior Design reviews The information regarding the interior and exterior design of this car is still very limited. However, it is almost certain that X7 M will be a 7-seat SUV with super spacious cargo space on the back. Moreover, it is also possible that this car will also have an ultra-luxurious 4-seat version. Besides the number of seats available, both versions will also be given different styling. However, about what kind of styling it will be, we still have to wait for a further update. One thing for sure, this car definitely will be equipped with sophisticated connectivity technology, BMW’s latest infotainment system as well as driver-assistance feature. read also: BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition Review New BMW X7 2018 Specs Price Review Release date Leaked 2019 BMW X7 M Release Date and PRICE Let’s not get our hopes up because BMW X7 M definitely will not be produced before X7 goes into production in 2019. In fact, unlike X7 , X7 M has not received a green light to go into production because launching another M series car to the market is a little bit risky. Currently, there are 10 M series cars on the market. And, only God knows how much BMW the manufacturer has in the pipeline. However, if BMW can give some distinctive features to X7 M that will ensure it will not overlap with other M cars currently on the market, this car will hit the market sometime in the future.

BMW X7 M Release Date in 2018 / 2019 / 2020 ?

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