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BMW i8 Roadster, New BMW i3, BMW i NEXT Specs Release date

Friday, June 16th 2017. | News

BMW i8 Roadster , New BMW i3 , BMW i NEXT — BMW has announced three new additions to its I range of electric and hybrid cars. They contain the highly-anticipated BMW i8 Roadster, a revised BMW i3 city car as well as a brand-new vehicle called the BMW I Next. BMW i NEXT, BMW i8 Roadster, New BMW i3 Specifications The BMW i8 Roadster , a convertible edition of the hybrid sports car that is i8, will arrive in 2018. BMW also said a revised i3 is on the way with upgrades coming to the completely electrical variation as well as the range extender variation which features a tiny petrol engine. The BMW i NEXT will feature highly autonomous driving technology, lightweight building and what BMW calls “the next generation of electro-mobility.” A fresh 2018 BMW i3 on the way. The hybrid will be accessible with a hybrid powertrain using a range-expanding a pure electrical powertrain or gas engine, each of that will profit from 50% more battery capacity. BMW chairman Harald Kruger said it “BMW I next will cover all aspects relevant to future cars, including autonomous driving, digital connectivity, and intelligent lightweight construction as well as the next generation of electro-mobility.”” Read also: BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition Specs Price Release date BMW Vision Next 100 Specs Release date Price 2018 BMW i8 Facelift Specs Power Changes Release date Price BMW i8 Futurism Edition: Custom Looking Sports Car Why Is Everyone Talking About BMW Self-Driving Cars? BMW i8 Spyder Plug-in Hybrid Convertible Specs, Range, Price, Coming out Date 2018 BMW i8 Roadster – All you need to Know BMW has made it clear that it is betting big on technology to drive the future of merchandises and its brand identity. Many points to it as a leader of hybrid and carbon-fiber layout, along with technology.

BMW i8 Roadster, New BMW i3, BMW i NEXT Specs Release date

BMW hasn’t disclosed anything regarding the vehicle, other than it expects to introduce “new types of automated driving and digital connectivity.” BMW just has two I series cars, BMW i3 and BMW i8. Therefore the Bavarian brand wants to include a third. Yet, that third BMW I car, internally called i-NEXT, will not come until the early 2020’s. Stay tuned. You might also read another upcoming car in 2017: 2017 Nissan GT-R facelift Specs Price Release date

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