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BMW i Next 2021 model year Will Join the Lineup

Saturday, June 17th 2017. | News

BMW i NEXT — BMW I-Next is going to join the lineup in the following years. It is no secret that BMW is following a current trend on the engine and driving tech to entertain buyers. However, this movement has been considered as a little late comparing to other premium brands revolutionary steps on the same field. Here is the detail of the announcement. BMW i Next Specifications The announcement focuses more on BMW plan to release the new BMW I Next model soon in the future to join brand’s lineup in the series. There is no accurate information on the engine so far. However they did mention about this car to be enhanced with self-driving feature and powerful battery. Most possibly, it refers to the full function of the feature, which is the picture of the future car.

BMW i Next 2021 model year Will Join the Lineup

Many premium brands have recently developed the same kind of cars, and they complete it with the nice engine. Considering brand’s reputation, this car should be empowered with an excellent electric engine too for powerful performance.

Right now, BMW doesn’t specify the look of the car. However, several photos are leaked to the public. If that BMW i Next photos are the genuine plan of the car look, it is going to be very futuristic. Don’t think about luxurious cars like we can see today but on futuristic movie cars. It looks smooth, and it sounds like it is made in one piece.

BMW certainly thinks about the aerodynamic features too, despite adding a glamorous and stylish touch here and there. We should hope advanced tech inside the cabin as well. Considering it is going to be a self-drive car , safety features should be super advanced, and integration and infotainment system should be more than just reliable to enable the entire features safely and controllably.

Right now, BMW can’t specify the release date as they are developing the car. But this particular model is planned to be released in 2021 , which is five years to go. BMW i Next Price should be premium, but we can’t know for sure right now. We need to know the details to estimate as well.

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