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Audi Q4 SUV Specs Price Review Release date 2016 2017

Friday, December 9th 2016. | News

Audi Q4 , The Newest Weapon for Audi to Won in Europe — Audi Q4 SUV has become the hottest topics that most of Audi product lovers talked about today. Previously, Audi has announced their new two products that they will release in 2019. They are Audi Q6 and Q8. The Q6 series will use the electric engine while the Q8 can be categorized as the premium Audi car. Both of them will be launched with price started from £28,000. Audi Q4 Specifications Review If we talked about new Audi Q4, basically, it’s still far away. It’s because, next, Audi will release the Q3, which is the development of the previous series, Q2. The Q3 itself will have bigger size than Q2. And, because of this information, we also predict that Q4 SUV will have slightly larger size than Q3. As mentioned by the Audi insider, Q4 will have around 4500 mm size, which is 110 mm longer than Q3 .

Audi Q4 SUV Specs Price Review Release date 2016 2017

The Q4 plan was revealed two years ago in Beijing Motor Show. However, the production seems to need more time which makes it hasn’t been launched till today. According to this plan, Q4 Audi will have new curved roofline and the new tailgate.

The core is pretty powerful. Audi will use two type of new generation engine. They are 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engine. This engine has 1.5-litre capacity that can produce more than 400 bhp. However, Audi also has planned to use the updated version of this engine, which has 2.0-litre capacity for 4-cylinder type and 2.5-litre for 5-cylinder type. Of course, with both engines, Q4 will be able to produce more power that is suitable for its class, the SUV premium class. Besides those two engine types, Audi also plans to create new Q4 series that use the plug-in petrol-electric engine. Audi plans to sell this type in Asia, especially China. Because of this matter, they also limit the electric range up to 31 miles, like what stated in China’s green vehicle regulations. As the reason why Audi doesn’t aim the Europe market, Audi still doesn’t have the fixed and stable market for the SUV and crossover type car. Volkswagen still becomes the first when it comes to this type of car. But, there is still hope for Audi, with their new product Audi Q4 SUV. read another new upcoming cars in 2017: McLaren 570S M2B Edition Debuted at Monaco GP Event

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