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Alfa Romeo AW30 Specs Performance Release date Price 2016

Thursday, January 5th 2017. | News

Alfa Romeo AW30 — Car manufacturers produce various types of car each year. Some car manufacturers might create sport cars while other car manufacturers might came with luxury cars instead. Besides standard types of car such as SUV, MPV, or even supercar, car manufacturers sometimes also create concept car that brings new concept to reality. Some of these concept cars are quite amazing since they usually have very interesting design and technology. Even though most concept cars never created as real car, manufacturers still try to create concept cars in order to see how far technology and design can be applied into a car. For those of you who are familiar with F1 car, the new concept car from Alfa Romeo might be interesting for you. This new concept car is known as Alfa Romeo AW30 and it’s considered as F1 concept car with more advanced technology. Alfa Romeo AW30 Specifications Racecar with Futuristic Design:

Alfa Romeo AW30 Specs Performance Release date Price 2016

The body kit came with more aggressive details that combine unique shapes and wild lines. At quick look, this concept race-car from Alfa Romeo has appearance like beast but with more elegant structures. The design of the sub frames in this Alfa Romeo AW30 is as unique as its body kit. The chassis also came with extraordinary design that makes this racecar looks even more unique. Read also: Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spider Specs | Release date Review Disco Volante Spider Toyota C-HR Racing: What We Know So Far Solar and Wind Power One of the most interesting details about this concept racecar from Alfa Romeo AW30 is the technology that is used in this racecar. Standard race-cars might use fuel as their power source. This concept racecar from Alfa Romeo came with something different. This car use solar powered battery as its main power source. However, this solar powered battery is not used for long since when the car is driven and moves, it will use wind as its alternative power source. This is very amazing since this concept Alfa Romeo AW30 racecar might be the first racecar that uses wind as its power source. When you drive this racecar faster, the wind that is collected by this car will increase which will increase the power source that is provided by this racecar. Alfa Romeo AW30 Release date and Price Since this is still just a concept racecar, there is no official release date and official price for this car. You might also read another upcoming cars in 2017: 2017 Chevrolet Sonic Specs Price Release date

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