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2020 Lotus Elise Specs Release Date Leaked

Wednesday, December 14th 2016. | News

2020 Lotus Elise Stays in Its Original Concept. With its Evora 400 is marketed in US and Europe right now, the company is confident enough to announce that they are developing the new 2020 Lotus Elise. The new car is reported to bring the original concept of the company along with more affordable pricing for it. Even though the information is not much right now, the following update is worth to know. 2020 Lotus Elise Specifications Powertrain Lotus’s boss, Jean-Marc Gales, confirmed that a Toyota engine would power the new 2020 Lotus Elise . Coming from Toyota, Lotus will still give their final touch to improve the power output. Finding Toyota engine as excellent and reliable, Lotus expects the engine to generate around 150 to 250 hp of power output in supercharged trimming. They are developing the car with the light weight-focused interest in mind, so we should also expect the vehicle to have excellent speed and acceleration rate. Even though many regulations and demand may push Lotus to modify its steering, they insist on keeping their steering pure, as they find it super reliable and pleasant to handle as well. Let’s hope their suspension setup is adjusted as well so fuel efficiency is not far behind as well. Exterior and Interior – 2020 Lotus Elise Most probably, this will be the modern version of Elise trim. New features and new aerodynamic touch will be added. However, Lotus confirmed that they would focus the car to be a lightweight one. Light chassis will be added as crucial part of the car. read also: Lotus Evora 400 Hethel Edition 2016 Review Specs Price Lotus Elise Race 250 Details Specs, Review, Price, Release Date 2020 ( NEW ) Lotus Elise Cup 250 Specs Price Release date In addition to it, Lotus will keep their pure and legendary balance of power and driveability and steering feel. Lightweight should be crucial in speed and handling, and Lotus targets the weight to reach below 900 kg on the new version. Lotus hasn’t mentioned anything else but their focus in building the lightweight car. 2020 Lotus Elise Release Date and Price This Lotus Elise 2020 car shouldn’t be available until at least 2020. Lotus confirmed that they target several countries for the new car including Japan, Britain, Germany, and France. In addition to it, they add the US as one of the most important targets for their next maneuver. 2020 Lotus Elise Price is not known so far, but Lotus confirms they are building a car that worth the price yet to be more affordable as well.

2020 Lotus Elise Specs Release Date Leaked

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