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2018 Audi A1 | Specs, Price, Release Date of 2018 Audi A1

Wednesday, April 19th 2017. | News

2018 Audi A1 , Old A1 with Lot of Upgrade and Modification. 2018 Audi A1 can be said of Audi’s decision to turn their old A1 hatchback into one of fresh and cool product that can compete these days. We can expect another appearance modification from this car. However, the powertrain will most likely be the same or doesn’t get too much modification. 2018 Audi A1 Specifications Exterior & Interior First of all and this is also the most unexpected change, the base platform that Audi will use for this new 2018 Audi A1 is different. They change it completely, by using the MQB platform, the A0 . With this platform, it seems like Audi tries to make this car bigger. And, if we look at where it will go, maybe it is related to the performance. 2018 Audi A1 interior If they use this platform, then there will be the change in the size. The MQB platform was used by many cars, like VW, and it has size around 2,560 mm of wheelbase. The wider base also affects its stability on the road. We can say that there will be extra 90mm on the base, and this is useful for adding more space to the interior for more passengers. That means there will be the change in the capacity from 270 liters to 300 liters space available inside. As for the interior, it seems like Audi will keep the premium and luxury interior like what you can find on A8 series . It will make sure that they can compete with other brand and attract the most international customer. The feature like 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit or Apple CarPlay can be found in this car. PowerTrain, Engine – Audi A1 2018 For the engine, there will be the new one, because of the new platform. There is a high possibility; Audi will equip it with re-engineered version of 1.0-litre 3 cylinder turbo that they use on previous A1 . This standard engine itself can produce around 100bhp . However, with the new modification, it will become 1.5 –liter engine and can produce around 90bhp to 160bhp. read also Audi Q2 Edition #1 Specs, Engine, Price, Release Date

2018 Audi A1 | Specs, Price, Release Date of 2018 Audi A1

Audi seems like reveal this car in early 2018. It is according to the time when the production of this car will end. More than that, maybe there is also the other model, like RS1 badge, along with this 2018 Audi A1. There is no information regarding pricing in Germany and United kingdom. you might also like another future 2017 model cars: Volvo S60 2018 | Specs Release Date Price 2018 Volvo S60

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