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2017 Volkswagen Golf Facelift Specs, Price, Review, Release Date | 2018 VW Golf

Saturday, May 20th 2017. | News

2017/2018 Volkswagen Golf Facelift — VW is Doing a Massive Brand Overhaul Starting with the Golf. About a year after the infamous “Dieselgate” scandal broke, Volkswagen is making an effort to regain the trust of drivers around the world. They’re calling it the Future Pact and it involves making ten new models that conform to the new corporate philosophy. The first updated vehicle in this bold undertaking is the 2018 Golf. 2017 Volkswagen Golf Facelift Specifications Volkswagen has always been the car for the people, and the Golf is the car that best represents that in the brand’s current lineup. It’s a simple, loveable compact that aims to be all things to all drivers. The new 2017 Volkswagen Golf Facelift updated model is mostly on the inside with very subtle revisions to the humble exterior. It gets new front and rear bumpers, the new headlights with LED daytime running lights and available full-LED headlights, and standard LED taillights. Other than that, the sheet metal is almost indistinguishable from the current model. Engine Changes — 2018 Volkswagen Golf Facelift Under the hood, there is some creative revisions and brand new options. The new Motor is a 148 horsepower 1.5L TSI inline-four with Active Cylinder Management. That’s right; this Volkswagen Golf 7 Facelift can run on just two cylinders when under light load to improve fuel economy. An even more efficient BlueMotion motor will be available with a brand new battery setup making 128 horsepower. A seven-speed unit will gradually replace the current six-speed direct-shift gearbox (DSG) automatic. All of these engineering tweaks add up to make a more efficient compact. Efficiency isn’t Volkswagen’s only concern. There’s also a new 2017 VW Golf GTI variant coming that’s going to make 226 hp. An available Performance Pack will bump that up to 241 to offer more healthy competition to the other excellent hot hatches on the market. For the first time, you’ll be able to get an VW EV Golf in the form of the eGolf . The eGolf is expected to have a range of 186 miles on a full charge which is more than the Nissan Leaf but less than the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt. If you want to split the difference, you can get a plug-in hybrid Golf GTE with an electric range of 31 miles, slightly less than the Chevy Volt. Exterior, Interior Redesign 2018 Volkswagen Golf Facelift interior The interior is where most of the action is for the refreshed 2017 VW Golf. There are a lot of similarities, but VW is giving the Golf’s infotainment system a major revamp. No more black and white screens, the base model gets a 6.5” color touchscreen. You can upgrade to 8” or even 9.2”.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Facelift Specs, Price, Review, Release Date | 2018 VW Golf

We don’t know details on pricing quite yet, but it should be pretty close to the current Golf starting price of $19,895. This will be a very competitive car with a big scandal to compensate for. Volkswagen is betting a lot on their Future Pact, and it’s off to a pretty good start. like this news? you might also like this one: 2017 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs, Spy Shots, Price, Launching date Most tags: golf 7 facelift golf facelift ゴルフ7 フェイスリフト golf 7 facelift 2016 vw golf 7 facelift vw golf facelift release date vwゴルフ7 フェイスリフト golf alltrack facelift facelift golf 7 golf 2017 facelift The 2018 Volkswagen Golf Facelift Previews Design Reliability Features DriveTrain Summary

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