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2017 Holden Colorado Facelift Specs, Price, Release Date

Monday, July 24th 2017. | News

2017 Holden Colorado Facelift Specs, Price, Release Date

2017 Holden Colorado. 2017 Holden Colorado is entering the market, but the automaker remains mysterious about the whole things. However, several leaks are worth your attention and the market seem to the response it in most positive way. It is said to wear top specs and frontal design for facelift and upgrade. Here is the complete leaked detail. 2017 Holden Colorado Specifications Details specs and Power There is no official information on the 2017 Holden Colorado facelift specs. However, we can judge from current version performances. Current Holden Colorado model is wearing turbodiesel 2.8-liter engine with auto 500Nm torque. The new model should wear at least the same machine of not higher specs for it. This is likely going to be an auto car, which is a little disappointing for most drivers. Other than those predictions and speculation, there is nothing we can hang our hope on. Considering how this automaker starts, it is going to be a great truck/SUV anyway. Now let’s see the look of this car. 2017 Holden Colorado Exterior and Interior – 2017 Holden Colorado This Holden truck looks aggressive and tight rather than sporty. The double decked horizontal grille looks bold and robust. The new headlights are sharp and angled in the right way, enriching the masculine look. Curves should be available on every side of the cars, right on the bottom side of the doors. 2017 Holden Colorado facelift (update: July 13, 2016) The wheel should be the same size, giving it the right height and move. The interior remains unclear, but we should expect upgraded instruments and advanced center consoles with more luxury of leather seats. The details should be announced sooner for more reliable information.

Unfortunately, there is no detail on the release date plan of this Holden Colorado 2017. Considering that there are already two models to be released this year, we will not see this car until next year. This automaker is going to release 20 models until 2020, and this one should be one of the earliest. The price is not yet announced too. Even though we can predict the specs and look, release year should affect the price too, so we can’t tell. However, most trucks and SUVs are offered on relatively mid-range price. Besides the other two new models this automaker releases, this new bad boy is going to be one of the most wanted SUV in the market. This car should be released in many more countries, and there will probably the different name for it too. Considering the automaker release schedule this October, it won’t be long before we get the official release on 2017 Holden Colorado. Update July 13, 2016: This new Holden will enter dealerships from September 1.

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