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2017 Dodge Barracuda Specs, Price, Release Date 2019

Tuesday, December 6th 2016. | News

2017 Dodge Barracuda , Will It Revealed This Year?. 2017 Dodge Barracuda will be the newest mid-size rear-drive car from Dodge and Alfa Romeo. The issue of Dodge want to make the vehicle at this size has been spread for like long time ago. In 2013, Chrysler and Fiat CEW, Sergio Marchionne also confirmed about this plan. Then after that, there is no information about when that project was started. It was the only ongoing rumor. Then, 2015 Nevada Dealer Show has made this thing clear. Dodge will produce it, and it will be the muscle type car, that we can compare it with Camaro or Mustang. 2017 Dodge Barracuda Specifications Expected Specs so far: For the design, it said that this new 2017 Dodge Barracuda car would use two models, the coupe and convertible. With both of this model included in this new car, we can expect that there will be more features in it. About this design, there was the report that stated. Dodge has worked the design for this car since 2012. In that year, it said that Barracuda design is still in progress.

2017 Dodge Barracuda Specs, Price, Release Date 2019

And, it will be much more sophisticated than current Challenger. Then, a year after, around April 2013, there was also report that said, some of its parts has been included in quality testing. Therefore, right there, it was supposed to be almost finished. However, until 2015, there is no report anymore. It’s like missing, and we don’t know what happened during those years.

Originally, the Plymouth Barracuda , the first series or Barracuda wasn’t muscle car. Then, in 1970, it started to become the muscle car. The body of the car was made bigger, so it can hold 440 and 426 Hemi engine. So, will it be like that?. There is no information regarding prices and release date. We just need to wait for the official release of 2017 Dodge Barracuda.

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