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2017 Chrysler 100 Specs Next compact Sedan on Brand Line Up

Wednesday, April 5th 2017. | News

2017 Chrysler 100 — 2017 Chrysler 100 was announced recently. This is planned to be the next Chrysler sedan to hit auto market. So far, this car is reported to be one of the options driver needs to consider. The redesign work underlines the style Americans will like. Here is the detail on one of future Chrysler vehicles. 2017 Chrysler 100 Specifications This sedan is based on Chrysler hatchback models and is empowered by two options of engine. The lower trim will use 2.0 liter engine producing up to 240-260 hp. The higher trim uses 2.4 liter engine that produces up to 184 hp. Both of the engines is paired with auto six speed shifting transmission. There is no confirmation if manual transmission is available too, but considering the market segment, they probably think about it. Even though there is no official information about this Chrysler small car , this car is built to serve better acceleration and fuel economy rate. We should wait until the official test drive to know the performance more. This is The Fiat Aagea Concept According to allpar.com cars, there is no official detail about the exterior of the compact sedans but we can really judge from the leaked photos. This sedan has pretty long front fascia and hood. The hood is enriched with accent curves, two in the middle and one at each side. The headlights of 2017 chrysler 100 are narrowed with black medium size grille. The front bumper is trimmed with silver lining as well. There are two curves on the doors, upper and below. Right on top of the below curves, you will see bigger curve accent as well. Curve accent on the roof is similar to ones on the hood. Read also 2017 Chrysler 300S Sport Appearance Packages Specs Price Release date The rear side is more compact with smaller trunk as well. It doesn’t look so great from the rear. To be honest, this car looks a little muscular and bulky. The interior is pretty much refreshed with updated amenities. It is completed with UConnect system in five inches screen, TomTom or Garmin navigation. The dimension of the car gives beneficial point, more spacious cabin. not exact pict of 2017 Chrysler 100 2017 Chrysler 100 Release date and Price This next Chrysler line up sedan is scheduled for release on summer next year, 2017. There is no further update on the exact date yet. It is also reported that the particular car is going to be released with price starting from $18,000.

2017 Chrysler 100 Specs Next compact Sedan on Brand Line Up

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