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2017 AC Cobra 378 aka 2017 Autokraft MkIV Classic

Thursday, July 20th 2017. | News

2017 AC Cobra 378 — AC Cobra Comes Back With 550 HP V8 Engine. Last September, AC Heritage announced that they would rebuild the iconic Cobra with exact design and features like the original. Sadly, it is not going to be cheap.

2017 AC Cobra 378 aka 2017 Autokraft MkIV Classic

The company said that the production would be limited to 9 models only and each is priced £500,000. Thankfully, the company gets another idea to make a “reborn” version of 1980 Cobra MkIV. Unlike the limited nine models, the reborn Cobra will get the modern engine, and the production will also be unlimited.

Even though 2017 AC Cobra 378 reborn version gets modern engine—which is necessary to comply with modern emission regulation—it will still use the ladder chassis from the original model. The new AC Cobra car will use aluminum epoxy body over a tubular steel frame, and as a result, the overall body weight will be around 1.050 kg. The visual will be the same with the famous AC Cobra from 1980. From the very start, the company doesn’t have any plan to change the design because they want to keep the original retro vibe of the car. But of course, some modern features will be added to the interior to add the customer’s convenience. Engine Changes — 2017 New AC Cobra 378 classic car AC Cobra 2017 will come back with the powerful engine that lives up to its legacy. Modern Cobra will be powered with two choices of GM’s 6.2 L V8 engine. The first one is 328 kW natural aspirated LS3 engine that delivers 440 HP . If you prefer powerful performance, 410 kW supercharged LSA engine producing 550 HP will definitely be more up on your alley. Both engines will be mated to a modern gearbox. Furthermore, the performance will also be supported by power assisted steering, power Brembo brakes, Wishbone Suspension and Electronic Control Unit (ECU). AC Cobra 2017 AC Cobra 378 Price and Release Date in UK and USA Reborn AC Cobra 2017 is currently in production now. The first delivery in the UK will commence around February or March 2017. AC representative said that the price for each unit would depend on the customization, but it will not go beyond £100,000 . So, probably around £80,000 to £90,000. While the car is called AC Cobra 378 in the UK, in the US it will be marketed under the name of Autokraft MkIV Classic.

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Made by: AC Cars

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