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2016 Tesla Model 3 | Specs Review Release date 2016 Tesla Model 3

Friday, April 7th 2017. | News

2016 Tesla Model 3 – It seems like electric car becomes kind of automotive product which is getting more and more interesting time after time. People are waiting for the innovation in the electric car product offer and Tesla tries to answer the public expectation about electric car with Tesla Model 3 2016. One thing for sure, people recognize Tesla as electric manufacturer so there must be very high expectation about the product which can be offered by this brand in the automobile business. The recent product from this brand is Model 3 and people cannot wait to know more about 2016 Tesla Model 3 specs. 2016 Tesla Model 3 Specifications There is official information about Tesla Model 3 and the new version of the car will be built from the components which can be found in the Model X as well as Model S. in Model 3, people can still find the essential lines from the outline of Tesla product. The hood is long and inclining. It is combined with the wheel which is well proportioned. It also comes with the fastback rooftop and also the former set lodge. It has trendy design with forward and crisp looking but of course people will not feel strange at all from this design. Interior and Exterior The headlights are honed and the grille is reshaped. Forms could be found on the hood and new shoulder wrinkles could be found in the flanks. The interior design of the car is radiant and extravagant. However, it comes with the minimization of trim and also materials. Large touch screen can be found in Model 3 for controlling different highlights. There are some standard features with extra features. 2016 Tesla Model 3 dashboard interior 2016 Tesla Model 3 Price also Release date Price of 2016 Tesla Model 3 is about $35,000 which must be pretty great price for electric car packed with various kinds of feature. Although there is no specific information about the 2016 Tesla Model 3 release date yet, people should not expect that this upcoming car can be found in the showrooms before mid year of 2016. Of course people cannot wait for the release of this electric car which is able to reach 760 horsepower.

2016 Tesla Model 3 | Specs Review Release date 2016 Tesla Model 3

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