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2016 Jeep Trailstorm Concept Release date and detail Specs

Sunday, April 9th 2017. | News

2016 Jeep Trailstorm Concept — 2016 Jeep Trailstorm Concept is the other concept brought by the automaker to tease drivers on market with fantasies on driving adventure. With several other concepts are shared as well, you may not imagine how this one is going to be. Here is a little detail on this new concept. 2016 Jeep Trailstorm Concept Specifications Review of power and Specs:

2016 Jeep Trailstorm Concept Release date and detail Specs

This concept wears the same engine as one in Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The engine is a V6 Pentastar 3.6 liter engine. It produces up to 285 hp with 260 lb ft torque. This concept gives a two inch lift kit for better performance of the wheels and power output with Jeep Performance Parts/Fox. The axles are Rubicon Dana 4×4 axles to complete the the system. Thos axles are on the front and rear part of the car and they are paired with brake kit on plus size. Judging from the specs alone, even though there is no improvement on the engine, this will make a nice off road commanding jeep .

Exterior and Interior: The exterior features sophisticated brown/red/tan camouflage on the outside. The tires are terra stomping 37 inches tires with matte black 17 inches off road wheels. The high to fenders are also on matte black as well for consistency and more aggressive look. The front grille wears the same finish and features Jeep Performance Parts Rubicon winch guard and winch.

Obviously, due to the status as concept, this car is not yet labeled on certain price. In addition to it, with no official confirmation on production time-line and release date, we can’t estimate the possible price for this little monster. In sum, the concept, as other concepts of the brand, is pretty nice. It feature nice driving gear, which should promise a lot more adventures. However, the unimproved engine is a little disappointment for most drivers. This is the only part of the concept that needs revision. Jeep should revisit their 2016 Jeep Trailstorm Concept. Read another upcoming truck in 2016: 2016 Jeep FC 150 Concept Specs Review Release date

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