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2016 Ford Shelby GT-H: Can’t Buy It, Rent It!

Thursday, May 18th 2017. | News

2016 Ford Shelby GT-H — 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H makes a special color on unique offer from the reputable auto maker. This year version continues the legacy for drivers to rent a race car. Even though you can’t buy the car, the entire things are still interesting to know. Here are the details you must know about this new race sedan. 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H Specs Power and Specs:

2016 Ford Shelby GT-H: Can’t Buy It, Rent It!

This sedan gets its power from the V8 five cylinder engine producing up to 435 hp. So far, there is no official information on torque performance. This engine is then paired with auto transmission without further information the speed number. This car is also enriched with Ford Performance cat back exhaust to produce nice sound from the system. The Ford Race Handling package also adds several new features including anti roll bars with thicker model, shock absorbers with revised performance, and lowering spring. The entire specs make this sedan a reliable race sedan. One of the best on its class.

Release Date and Price: So far, we can’t get specific date for the release. However, it is planned that the particular sport sedan to hit rental market at the end of May this year, during the Memorial Day weekend at selected airports. Unfortunately, there is no information on the rate of renting this sport sedan. Perhaps, they are going to announce the price during the annual event of New York Auto Show while displaying this car to market. Learning the whole specs and looking at the exterior and interior look, this sedan is worth the wait. Many drivers will line up to rent this speedy sedan from Hertz even though the price remains disclosed. This is going to be so much fun. Market is already excited to this news, and we still wait for rent price update for this 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H. You might also read another future cars in 2017: 2017 GMC Terrain Nightfall Edition Release date Price Specs

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