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2016 Chery FV2030 Review and Features of coolest Car

Monday, March 27th 2017. | News

Chery FV2030, the Coolest Electric-Powered Supercar Chery FV2030 — Chery FV2030 will seduce the 2016 Beijing Motor Show’s visitors. Being one of automotive industry Mecca in Asia after Japan, this auto show is to be one of the most awaited shows. It becomes a place to show off their new products for both European and American players who want to spread their wings to Asia as well as local players like Cherry. 2016 Chery FV2030 Review Specifications Chery Automobile used it to show their newest car concept, Future Vision (FV) 2030 aka Chery FV2030 . That name carries the manufacture’s expectation to be the best vehicles in the next 20-30 years. Carrying “Fun to Drive, Enjoy Future with Chery” theme, the Chery Automobile exhibited no less than four powertrains and 12 models at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. Among them, Cherry FV2030 is arguably caught the visitors’ most attention since it carries futuristic design and look. 2016 Chery FV2030 Chery equips FV2030 with three technological concepts for the future. Those are intelligent, internet and new energy. From this concept, it tells us that FV2030 can be linked to other vehicles through an Internet network and used electrical energy so it can drive itself. These vehicles are designed to adjust to the trend of technological development, one of which claimed the use of powerful electric motors, but the specifications are still kept in secret until now. From a variety of cars that will be introduced, the electric-powered super-car certainly is one that attracted the most attention of the automotive enthusiasts. This supercar design has four doors, large diameter wheels, and futuristic grille. 2016 Chery FV2030 Features Outlined as the company’s future thinking and outlook interpretation, New Chery FV2030 is a crossover coupe models that have massive air intakes, bold front fascia, relatively high hood, and floating grille. The designer even called it a super cool car with a long and sleek body and coupe-like roof stretches over semi-transparent gullwing doors. This car unique concept goes further with gloss black fender flares and big wheels that ride on a specially designed tire. Read also Chery FV2030 Concept Specs Review Price Release date The automaker also makes camera pods eye-catching and side skirts that substitute the traditional side mirrors. It is just as hot as everything made by Giugiaro while the natural look of honeycomb in the glass reminds us of the BMW Next 100 Concept . Chery FV2030 also has an aluminum skid plate, LED taillight, and tailgate-mounted spoiler. 2016 Chery FV2030 Interior and Exterior However, Chery did not elaborate on the interior except for a minimalist cabin equipped with white leather upholstery and LED lights. More interestingly, the Chery FV2030 entire design and “fantasy” 3D holographic screen display the young, enthusiastic, and vigorous Chinese car brand. Unfortunately, There is no information regarding pricing and also release date. Stay tuned. Read another new upcoming cars 2016: 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport Specs Review Price Release date Most tags: cars spoiler 2030 model Cherry car 2016 cherry fv 2030 emma watson toyota 2030 2016 Chery FV2030 Previews Design Features Drivetrain Summary

2016 Chery FV2030 Review and Features of coolest Car

This upcoming 2016 Chery FV2030 has Sporty for a futuristic concept, Open cabin and Holographic technology

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