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2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Monday, November 12th 2012. | Alfa Romeo

The 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been on my test drive radar ever since it was launched, I’ve only in the near past had the opportunity to drive it, but has it lived up to my expectations?

We last saw the Giulietta in South Africa back in 1985, and through the years it has become a collectors item amongst Alfa Romeo fans. So I grew up with hopes of in the future proudly owning a type of Giuliettas. I imply, critically, who wouldn’t, at the moment the two litre Turbo charged Giulietta produced 125kw, which was amazing.

Over 15 years later Alfa Romeo decided to release the current Giulietta, and I do consider that they have missed the target on this one. The 2012 Giulietta has type, magnificence and power. But there’s one element that’s lacking, which the last Giulietta had and that is that sporty really feel, which was one of many biggest sights to the Giulietta legacy.

Yes, there is plenty of energy in the new Giulietta, however that does not routinely mean that it’s a sporty car. The model that I drove was the 1.4T Distinctive, which created 125kw of power and 250NM of torque. From the outside, the car has fantastic lines and curves that offers it a sense of artistic beauty. Once inside it feels such as you’ve jumped into a totally completely different car. But this might not be a bad thing.

Inside you could have a tamed format which lends a feel to a luxurious vehicle. There’s nothing that tells you that this is a 125kw car. The truth is, even once I drove it, it appeared prefer it was a simply an bizarre 1.four assisted by a turbo. As I did the Sibaya route, the Alfa Gross sales individual told me to have a look at a little bit change just above the 6 speed gear level. It had three settings with the letters  D, N and A on it. It was on N (Regular), I switched it to D (Dynamic), and pushed the accelerator a bit further, and that’s when I felt the 125kw that I was expecting. It was fun working by the gears and the suspension was nice as well, there was a time that I had to do a quick break to try and keep away from an uneven patch on the street, however as I was breaking over the uneven street, the ABS and suspension did a superb job of holding the automobile secure, normally you’d get the automotive bouncing everywhere and the ABS kind of permitting the car to glide over the bumps, but the suspension of the Giulietta kept all four wheels firmly on the tar and the ABS by some means managed to gradual the car down.

The Distinctive isn’t a replacement for the old Alfa Romeo Giulietta, but it’s a complete new car that was designed to cater for the wants of not solely the sports car drivers, but the wants of the average buyer as well. The 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta prices start at $28,000 to $36,000 for US market.

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